SHEROES Bios: Jean Guo Wen Jing

Guo Wen Jing

SHEROES Bios is a collection of 12 selected stories taken from “ULTRAordinary SHEROES”, a collaborative project by The HEART Enterprise, Up Your Game Community, and Our Unique Stories to celebrate International Women’s Day 2019.

n 2012, Jean arrived in Singapore looking for a job. The China-born had left her country and family to seek out a better place where she could raise her son, Peter, who is brain damaged and unable to talk.

Back in her hometown, Jean faced discrimination because of Peter’s condition and was advised to give him away. She could not bear to abandon her own child and decided to raise him on her own. As she started to borrow money to pay Peter’s medical bills, many of her friends and acquaintances avoided her as they did not want to lend her any money.

The desperation to help her son drove her to consider working overseas. She then decided on Singapore because she had heard about its good governance and security. Opportunities were plentiful and she knew that she would be able to earn more in Singapore than back in China.

She found employment as a cleaning attendant and worked long hours in order to save up money for her son’s medical treatment. Within two years, she managed to accumulate sufficient funds to bring Peter to Singapore for the first time to seek treatment. She also cleared her debts and returned all the money she had borrowed.

Each time Peter comes to Singapore for treatment, he can only stay for three months before he has to leave the country and return to China. After repeated applications, Peter has recently been offered a place in a special school here and can finally stay long-term to receive therapy and a formal education.

Jean is both relieved and anxious about this new development and hopes that Peter will be able to adapt to his school environment. Through it all, she counts her faith in God as her source of strength and comfort.

Jean’s story first appeared at the ULTRAordinary SHEROES event organised by The HEART Enterprise and DISTRii Singapore on 8 March 2019.