SHEROES Bio: Janice Tay, Bridging the Gap

Janice Tay

SHEROES Bios is a collection of 12 selected stories taken from “ULTRAordinary SHEROES”, a collaborative project by The HEART Enterprise, Up Your Game Community, and Our Unique Stories to celebrate International Women’s Day 2019.

Janice was working in a financial institution when her son was born and subsequently diagnosed with Global Developmental Delay and other conditions. 

In order to meet her son’s needs, Janice left the corporate workplace and stayed home to care for him. It was not an easy decision to make as she was at the peak of her career. Although there were many feelings of frustration, anger, and rejection that she faced at the start, Janice now looks upon the earlier days with understanding. Her faith in God helped her to realise that she was here to serve the special needs community. “God will make a way when there seems to be no way. Faith makes things possible. Hope makes things work. Love makes all things beautiful,” she says.

Together with her husband, Janice started an early intervention school called Bridging the Gap. They aim to provide children with a holistic education that would develop not only literacy and numeracy skills, but also psychomotor and social skills. 

Janice also started a family support group to support mothers, especially those who struggle with their children with special needs and in their marriages. She believes that every child with special needs has their potential, she says, “I’m committed to bring out the brilliance of an unpolished gem in them.”

Her vision is to work towards an inclusion society where every child is given a chance to learn. She wants to teach every other child from young to have empathy, to accept differences and to give a lending hand readily. “I believe everyone, including the special needs children, has a place in the society to make a difference.”

Janice’s story first appeared at the ULTRAordinary SHEROES event organised by The HEART Enterprise and DISTRii Singapore on 8 March 2019.