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The author of My Unique Child, Ms Jasmine Goh, was interviewed by Salt & Light, an online magazine for Christians in the marketplace.

Her story is featured in the article “In awe of God and autism: A new book offers help”.

This is the part of the article that reveals how idea of writing My Unique Child came about.

Serving in the ministry, called Shalomkids, opened her eyes to the challenges of even a simple family day out. The children could act up at any time and their caregivers had to manage them, as well as the reaction of onlookers.

Why should families with special needs children be denied childhood’s simple joys?

Before long, she realised that caregivers were mostly learning the ropes as they went along, having neither the time nor the energy to read through the available helps – a collection of material largely filled with technical jargon.

She would look around at the regular Singapore family with young children playing ‘catching’, having a picnic, shopping at the toy store and ask herself: Why should families with special needs children be denied these simple joys?

She yearned to provide practical handles to help them. Somehow, she also knew that through it all, God was steadily moving her heart for the community and showing her how much He loved them.

The thought of writing an easy-to-read book that was grounded in sound research struck in 2014.

For two years, she combed the library for books on autism, read research papers and interviewed experts. The Linguistics grad also spoke to caregivers, family members, school teachers and principals before the first draft of her book was ready in 2016.

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