Backstage with Life After Death Autism Forum Panellist, Dr Daniel Leong

Dr Daniel Leong

Dr Daniel Leong

Life After Death Autism Forum (LAD) is the first autistic-led autism event in Singapore. The forum will cover topics that are pertinent to the well-being of the autistic person after the demise of the caregivers.

Dr Daniel Leong, who was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome as an adult, is one of the panellists who will be sharing his views at LAD. We decided to get to know him a little more before we meet him at the forum on 28 September!

Hi Daniel, tell us a bit about your adult life.

I'm a former special education teacher and lecturer in special education. I am currently pursuing an advocacy and support role after I received my own diagnosis. As co-chair of Autism Initiatives Malaysia, I'm part of a team that organises support for adults. I also lead an autistic adult peer support group .

I have a partner and we’ve been together for 10 years.

I also like to write but unfortunately I'm not very good at it yet. 😁

What is a mantra that you live by?

Wah. That's a tough one. A lot of my life revolves around pushing myself to find my limits, then accepting and working with those limits. Find your potential then work with it, maybe?

What is one book or lecture that you think everyone must read or listen to?

There is no such book or lecture. Different people have different needs. As an academician however, I'd recommend How to Think Straight About Psychology by Keith Stanovich which helps folks understand research and separate facts from myth.

The audience (attending LAD) might appreciate the book I'm currently reading: Adults on the Autism Spectrum Leave the Nest by Nancy Perry.

Why did you agree to be a LAD panellist?

To support the Singapore autistic community.

What do you hope attendees will take away from the forum?

Well, it's the life after death forum. So I hope we find ways to organise supports and build independence skills that last after caregivers are gone.

Join the dialogue with Dr Daniel Leong and other adult autistics at the Life After Death Autism Forum on 28 September 2019. They will discuss solutions for adult autistics to continue thriving even after their caregivers have passed on.


Date: Saturday, 28 September 2019
Time: 1-5pm
Venue: Lifelong Learning Institute (2nd Floor Lecture Theatre, next to Lift Lobby B)

Donation-based tickets are available on Eventbrite.

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