Gift A Book. Support An Autism Family.

Gift A Book. Support An Autism Family.


The author of My Unique Child, Jasmine Goh believes that every family that needs to read My Unique Child should not be hindered from doing so. There are families out there who struggle to scrape together a meal, while $28 to many of us is simply the cost of 2 movie tickets.

Will you spare $28 to buy a book for these families who cannot afford it?

To identify these autism families on Public Assistance Scheme, we partnered with local charity organisation ExtraOrdinary People.

This year, 240 families (on Public Assistance Scheme) qualified for the Sponsor A Star program by ExtraOrdinary People.

When you buy a book on this page, one of these 240 families will receive the book you ordered. Your order will help us send a book to a family who needs it.

Every copy of My Unique Child purchased on this page goes directly to these needy families. The more you buy, the more families will benefit.

BOOKS COLLECTED (AS OF 17/08/2019) : 5 / 240

Support a family in need. Buy one today!

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About ExtraOrdinary People

Extraordinary People Limited (EPL) was established in July 2017 as a registered charity. They enable and support children and youth with special needs, striving for an inclusive society.

Since February 2018, they have been operating at Extra·Ordinary Place @ Beach Road, which is a Performing Arts Centre providing students with special needs access to the performing arts.

In September 2018, they opened their second location, Extra·Ordinary Place @ Joo Chiat, where they offer child-centric, multidisciplinary Therapy Services, and also continue with their Performing & Visual Arts programmes.

The charity registration number is 201719854W. ExtraOrdinary People has obtained Institute of Public Character (IPC) status as of September 2018.

About Sponsor A Star

Sponsor A Star is a 1-year free program for families on Public Assistance Scheme.

About My Unique Child

My Unique Child is a practical guide book for parents, caregivers, and educators of children with autism. Based on well-researched information and real-life stories of autism families in Singapore, My Unique Child takes the reader from diagnosis to adulthood in a straightforward and succinct manner.

Practical suggestions are provided for each stage of the journey, dealing with issues such as personal safety, puberty, socialising, working, being financially aware, and making provisions for a time when the parent is no longer around. This step-by-step guide is packed full of resources and ideas for anyone who is raising or teaching a child with autism.

More information about the book here.

About Gift A Book. Support An Autism Family.

Gift A Book. Support An Autism Family is a kindness campaign that enables anyone to purchase the book My Unique Child for an autism family.

For 2019, the aim is to collect 240 books, one for each of the 240 families who qualifies for the Sponsor A Star program by ExtraOrdinary People.